TSM Products 10-Tray Harvest Food Dehydrator Review

The TSM Products 10 Tray Harvest Food Dehydrator is a great option for people who love raw foods and are looking for a way of preserving foods for longer periods without losing the nutrients. This food drier is a good solution for people with large families who want to dehydrate a large quantity of foods in a single batch.

The drier can be used to make your own snacks at home without much effort. With a dehydrator is super easy to make jerky, apple & banana chips and to dry mushrooms, vegetables, various fruits and flowers and herbs.

If you have kids giving them dehydrated fruits as snacks can successfully cut down the need for fast foods.

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This device comes with a powerful motor (110V/600W) which circulates the air inside the unit to get an even dehydration. The temperature can be set between 84 and 155 degrees Fahrenheit according to what type of food you are drying.

TSM Products 10 Tray Harvest Food Dehydrator Features and Specs:

  • 10 square feet of drying space which is great for large batches of foods
  • it is easy to make jerky, various fruit snacks and dry vegetables, flowers and herbs
  • powerful 600W motor
  • adjustable thermostat from 84 to 155 degree Fahrenheit which allows you do dry different types of foods
  • the device comes with 10 easy to clean trays
  • compact design – dimensions: 13.5 x 13 x 18 inches
  • weigh 21 pounds

TSM Products 10 Tray Harvest Food Dehydrator Review

The TSM Products 10 Tray has some excellent reviews on Amazon.com Click here to read all of them.

Right now this dehydrator has 4/5 stars rating. Most of the buyers are happy with their purchase while some have a few complaints. Below you will find both the pros and the cons so you will be able to make an informed decision.

The Negative Reviews

The majority of the reviews are positive but some people found some faults to this device and you can read about them here.

The main problem of the device, according to the reviewers is the lack of a door. The trays are stacked directly in the drier and form a wall. This means that you should insert all the trays while the machine is operating even when you are dehydrating foods in just a few of them. Some buyers would prefer a door and while the foods are drying they would like to wash or prepare the other batch of foods and place them on the trays.

Another problem is the lack of mesh-screens and the fact that there are no non-stick sheets. Some people complained that small foods such as blueberries fall thou the trays.

Also you should know that customers don’t like that they have to move the trays during the dehydration process to ensure an even dry.

And some people received units with problems which were replaced by the manufacturer.

You can go and read these reviews in detail HERE.

The Positive Reviews

Even thou the device has some negative reviews, the TSM Products 10 Tray Harvest Food Dehydrator mostly received positive reviews from its buyers.

People like the large drying area which allows large batches of foods being dehydrated in the same time. A happy user reported that he was able to dehydrate 3 pineapples in the same time. The drying are is feature loved by many buyers because it saves a lot of time and the design is compact – the TSM Products 10 Tray Harvest Food Dehydrator is approximately the same size as a microwave oven.

While a lot of people usually complain about the noise a dehydrator makes while operating the TSM users like the fact that the device is quiet. Many of them turned on the TV and they could enjoy their favorite shows without being bothered by the noise.

Users also like the fact that the drying is even with all sorts of foods. And in plus it is easy to use and economically.

Cleaning the device is also simple and easy and buyers like that the trays are dishwasher safe and even cleaning them by hand is not a hard job.


Is TSM Products 10 Tray Harvest Food Dehydrator worth buying?

Yes, and here is why:

The device offers a generous dehydrating area which saves a lot of time because a large quantity of foods can be dried in the same time. In plus using the machine at its maximum capacity it is economical.

Also the device costs less than most of the dehydrators which offer the same dehydrating capacity.

And users found the TSM Products 10 Tray Harvest Food Dehydrator to work quietly and efficiently – various foods were dehydrated evenly.

So we will recommend this electric dehydrator if you have a large family and want to dehydrate a lot of foods in the same time. However we would recommend you to also get some mesh-screens to keep foods from falling into the machine.

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