Excalibur 2500ECB 5-Tray Economy Dehydrator Review

The Excalibur 2500ECB 5-Tray Economy Dehydrator come with 8 square feet of drying space and an adjustable fan for even heat distribution. To dry foods in the machine you should cut the foods, place them on the trays and set the adjustable thermostat accordingly. All you have to do is to wait for several hours and then collect your dry goodies.

Dehydrating the foods is better than canning because they retain more nutrients this way. With a device such the Excalibur 2500ECB you can easily dry various foods such as vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers (yes a lot of flowers are eatable), mushrooms and meats.

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By drying these foods at home you will save money, just look how expensive the dried fruits are in your local supermarket. Also because the dried foods contain no added fats, sugars or preservatives they are a healthy choice for meals and snacks.

Excalibur 2500ECB Food Dehydrator main features:

  • easy to use and clean
  • offers 8 square feet of drying space
  • adjustable Thermostat
  • compact design – 19 x 17 x 8.5 inches
  • weight 16 pounds

Excalibur 2500ECB Food Dehydrator Review

The Excalibur 2500ECB Food Dehydrator will dehydrate the foods for you easily and pretty fast. It is a reliable drier and buyers like the device -its current rating on Amazon.com is 4.7/5 stars.

The Negative Reviews

When I write this the Excalibur 2500ECB food dehydrator got only a few negative reviews. Most of the buyers love this product and only a few complained about it. In the next paragraphs you can find what people did not like about this electric food drier.

The most complains are relating the noise level. To operate the food dehydrators make a buzzing sound because of the fan. The noise level is a problem of all food dehydrators and obviously the 2500ECB has the same problem. Although the noise level can be an issue and you should consider it before purchasing a food dehydrator on the devices I tested the noise wasn’t very pleasant or too loud to annoy me. When I start my food dehydrator I leave it in the kitchen and come back in a few hours to see how thing are working out.

Other complains users have are about the lack of a timer. A lot of models don’t have a timer and the 2500ECB is no exception. The device does not have a timer and you should unplug it manually.

Also some people received faulty units which were replaced by the manufacturer.

These were the common complaints. Next you will find out why people are loving the dehydrator so let’s move on to the positive reviews.

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The Positive Reviews

In my research I found that buyers like the Excalibur 2500ECB Food Dehydrator and the majority of the reviews are positive. Below you will see why people like this model.

The best feature of the Excalibur 2500ECB according to its reviewers is the capacity of dehydrating foods evenly. Moreover the foods are dehydrated fast and safely because the air is circulated inside the direr. This dehydrator does not has the problem of stuck air on top racks so the drying process goes without problems.

Buyers also like that the fruits and vegetables dehydrated with this device maintain their color and taste. Overall the reviewers were delighted by the way the 2500ECB dries various foods.


Is this dehydrator worth buying?

Yes, and here is why:

Although the Excalibur 2500ECB 5-Tray Economy Dehydrator got some negative reviews, most of the users like the way this dehydrator dries foods. And in plus the majority of the reviews are positive. The current ranking 4.7/5 stars is a great one because most of good products usually get 4/5stars.

So if you are looking for a reliable dehydrator, and you have where to put it in your house to solve the noise problem this dehydrator can be a good purchase.

The Excalibur 2500ECB dehydrates foods easily and  evenly and the reviewers appreciate this model.

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